Ceiling dreams come true

Standard products, consisting of expanded-metal, grid-ceilings and cylindre-ceilings are supplemented through especially designed ceilings for individual projects.
We work out solutions for technical and optical challenges in close collaboration with architects and assemblers. This guarantees that everything goes off without a hitch. Our excellent quality is warranted by a directly associated loyal and faithful factory with highly qualified manpower.

By the use of our own coil coating and powder coating we are extreme flexible to realize your favourite colour. Just take a look to our leaflets!

You have a vision, that you can’t find in our programm? It’s no problem – we are your competent contact! A individual conception and manufacturing of a unique ceiling, which pushes operator and equipment to the envelope is our strength.

You have a vision – we have a mission!



We provide the creation of ceiling plans and details as a service.


Computer-aided design and manufacturing of tools in our conventional tool manufacturing with eroding machine. Main focus on cutting- and bending tools, as well as fixture constructions.

CNC-Nibbeln mit unserer Stanzanlage

  • Up to 3.0 mm material thickness Steel and aluminium

Forming – edging | bending | pressing

  • up to 3 mm material thickness and 3.000 mm length
  • eccentric presses up to 130 tonnes
  • drawing presses up to 250 tonnes

  • Certificated welding company with Class B
  • for steel and steel constructions
  • MAG + WIG + welding robot as well as hand welders and spot welding guns
Powder Coating
Our powder coating system allows a quick and from big amounts independent coloration.
We coat your finished- and semi-finished products under a top quality control.
Coil Coating

  • Coating of aluminium and steel coils
  • double-coating of every colour you like
  • coils up to 500 mm width possible