Metal ceiling systems

The focus of modern metal ceiling systems is not only the flawless appearance, but rather the technical properties and the individuality of the overall architecture.

Here, Pagolux has developed into an expert in the field of open metal ceilings for everything to do with grid ceilings, expanded metal ceilings, slatted ceilings and special ceilings.

We don’t see ourselves exclusively as a manufacturer of ceiling systems, but support you right from the stage of brainstorming.
Together with our partners, we find object-related and technically mature solutions for today’s main topics, such as increased compression of TGA components.

Thanks to our flexible production and color coating systems, our own tool shop and our creative planning department, it is not only possible for us to modify existing products according to your ideas, but also to develop completely new ceiling systems based on your design.



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Our team is at your disposal right from the early planning stage. Be it to develop a ceiling concept or to set a budget – we will help you.


Do you need an alternative or do you want to advertise us? We put together tender texts for you, optimize your ceiling plan and help you with detailed solutions.


Contract business means cooperation. Our project planning is always at your side and will support you with all your concerns. Changes in the execution phase or short-term scheduling – we will find a solution.